Why everyone should hike up a mountain once in their lifetime!

As the weather is quickly heating up here in Perth, it’s a a great time to hit the trails again. It even gets me wanting to head down south to the Stirling Ranges for some cooler weather and mountain hikes. For all of you that are rolling your eyes and categorising yourself in the “it’s […]
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“Strayed Love” – my official thank you.

Nearly a month later than expected but hey… better late than never (as they say).
Little did I know that post book launch there would still be work to do – following up people, sending out more books, uploading it on Amazon, re setting my website after a malware attack… and this is all outside of full time work hours.
So, I promise I wasn’t just being lazy…
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What No One Tells You About Moving Home…
I wrote a post about living abroad (read post), now here is one about moving home… after living abroad.
It can be exciting for a little while… catching up with friends, meeting their children or newest partners for the first time, reacquainting yourself with their pets in the home they’ve purchased in the time you’ve been away, spending time with your family and fighting again with siblings for no apparent reason…
Straight after I flew back into my hometown, I travelled south for one of my best friends weddings. Then it was coffee and dinner, usually after a few drinks… then there was Christmas and New Years. Woohoo!
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