It was exciting, so very exciting. It was exciting up until I realised I had applied for so many jobs between seeing everybody, with no calls returned. Coffee, lunch and drinks had started to feel stressful. Stay in and save? Go out and spend?

The gypsy-adventurer, living an exciting life abroad was now an unemployed couch surfer.

It’s not what I expected. I expected to ‘change’, I had read all about that.

Nobody warned me about the rest of it though…

– What about when you are home, but everyone forgets you are still there after the first catch up?
– What about having to live with family (who I love very much) after spending so many years away?
– What about having to try and get a job in a market so different to when you left?
– What about low finances after such an epic adventure?

It’s hard, just like living abroad in the first place. It’s just a different feeling, a different experience.

So, without wallowing in self pity for too long, here are a few things I’ve been able to embrace and focus on:

– Strengthening relationships with the people that DO remember I am home.
– Being open to meeting more people, and getting out of my at-home comfort zone to do it.
– Exploring areas I’ve never been to.

I’ve hiked in so many countries all over the world, and I only found out on my return to Perth in November 2015 that there were hiking trails close to where I live AND a ‘mountain’ 3 hours away too. I’m like a tourist in my own city, it’s actually pretty cool.

Moving back home after living abroad has been a double edged sword, but just like everything in life it’s important to remember that each new experience gives us an opportunity to learn and grow.

Cheers to another year of continuous learning and exploring…
… and with the launch of my first book this year “SRAYED LOVE”… I don’t think I’ll be lacking any, and I hope you don’t either!


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