Hello my favourite people,

Nearly a month later than expected but hey… better late than never (as they say).

Little did I know that post book launch there would still be work to do – following up people, sending out more books, uploading it on Amazon, re setting my website after a malware attack… and this is all outside of full time work hours.

So, I promise I wasn’t just being lazy… although I did have a sneaky trip to China.

Yup. You heard me. The weekend after my book launch I had a trip booked for Beijing, China.

To be honest, when I booked the trip I had no idea I was going to even have a book launch, I just saw an awesome trip to The Great Wall and I booked it straight away with my sister.

The idea was to do a bit of work while I was away from at home distractions (and don’t worry, I will be posting about my trip to Beijing) but alas, China doesn’t allow Google or social media (no Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat – and my email account is Gmail) so I wasn’t able to do anything. It was actual bliss, a blessing in disguise.

So, here I am. The night before I fly to Sydney for a conference… to say… THANK YOU.

Thank you to everyone that took the time to speak to me during my book launch, to everyone that purchased my novel on the day or via Amazon (kindle) and to every one that has signed up to this blog and be a part of this journey with me.

For all those who have read my book, please hop onto my Facebook page @sheleiladp or on Amazon Kindle and leave a review, I’m loving the feedback and ideas which may just flow onto the sequel.

A clairvoyant passed by me at the launch and mentioned this would one day be a movie so when you see it hit the big screens, remember it was your positive vibes and support that helped it get there.

Thank you (or xie xie in Chinese), and don’t be shy to ever get in touch through Facebook or the contact section of my website http://sheleiladpaiva.com

Happy reading!

Shelz xoxo